Welcome to the 业务, 创业, and LAW 职业生涯 and Academic Pathway (CAP).

Valley College’s 商业、企业家精神和法律 职业生涯 and Academic Pathway (CAP) is for students who enjoy might be interested in owning a business or becoming an investor, 会计, 或经理. 学位s within this CAP also interest students that want to study economics, 商业法, 或营销.

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Want to explore the 主要s in this CAP and see what classes you would take?  We have a great tool available to help you plan your college and 职业生涯 path. 


BEL CAP项目和部门

在BEL CAP中, students can 主要 in 会计 as the first step towards becoming a CPA or obtain a job for private or nonprofit companies. 银行及金融 主要s will be exposed to the understanding of capital markets, 机构, 和投资. 学生也可以主修工商管理或经济学, 包括创业在内的广泛应用, 法律, 以及国际贸易. Students interested in supervisory positions, 包括 human resources can 主要 in 管理. To prepare for positions in sales and retail industries, 主要ing in 市场营销 is a terrific option.

Students interested in the knowledge and understanding of office environments can 主要 in “计算机应用与办公技术”. 适合对房地产领域各个方面感兴趣的学生, 房地产专业的学位是个不错的选择.





工商管理系主席-凯文·桑福德, sanforkr@shelleyshanks.com  



工商管理系主席-凯文·桑福德, sanforkr@shelleyshanks.com  



战略与国际研究中心系主任- Michael Rahni, rahnim@shelleyshanks.com  



工商管理系主席-凯文·桑福德, sanforkr@shelleyshanks.com 


Your CAP is a network of people who are available to help you with your academic, 职业生涯, 个人目标. Some of your community include 教授, 辅导员, 成功的教练, 图书馆员, and Tutors. 

The 职业生涯 transfer center supports you in reaching your 职业生涯 and educational goals. 我们可以帮助你发现你的梦想职业, 确定可以帮助你实现目标的专业, 并培养获得实习或工作所需的技能. 如果你不确定你的专业或职业, 考虑换专业, 或者需要别人帮忙找工作, 职业转业中心随时恭候您的光临.  我们可以帮助您做出明智的职业决定, 制作简历, 提高你的面试和社交技巧, 找工作 & 实习. 参观职业转换中心 web p年龄 to make an appointment with a 职业生涯 specialist, 报名参加一个研讨会, 并了解我们即将到来的职业活动. 

  • What steps can I take to learn about what 职业生涯 and 主要 best align with my interests, 值, 和技能? 

  • What 职业生涯 opportunities are available within the 主要 I am considering? 

  • What 实习 or other opportunities are available to help me develop my job readiness skills? 

  • 我感兴趣的领域有哪些工作机会? 

  • 我该如何做准备来增加我找到工作的机会? 

  • 根据我的兴趣,哪个职业社区最适合我? 

辅导员可以回答你的学术问题, 职业生涯, 个人问题,并帮助你制定一个教育计划. 辅导员 can help you plan out your semester-by-semester course selections to maximize your chances of completing your degree, 证书和/或转学目标. 他们还可以帮助你学习如何选择职业, 主要, and transfer institution and provide 策略 for being academically and personally successful. Be sure to visit your counselor regularly to update your education plan based on your 主要 and transfer goals. 在这里预约咨询师: 


  • 我们可以看一下我的学生教育计划吗??

  • 我应该选修哪些课程来达到我的职业/学术目标?? 

  • 我如何获得AP(大学先修课程)考试成绩学分? 

  • 我在另一所大学完成的课程如何获得学分? 

  • 我每学期应该上几节课?  

  • 需要多少单元才能达到我的学术目标?  

  • 我怎样才能提高我目前的学术地位? 

LAVC的图书馆员是学术研究和引文方面的专家. We can guide you through all phases of the research process: understanding research assignments, 选择主题, 制定研究策略, 寻找可靠的消息来源, 引用信息. We provide one-on-one research assistance at the Reference Desk every hour the library is open, 和24/7在线实时聊天支持. 无需预约. 


  • How do I use library databases to find resources relevant to my assignment?  

  • 你能帮我理解一下我的研究任务吗?  

  • 我如何确定我在网上找到的信息是否可信?   

  • 我如何引用我在网上找到的图片?  

  • MLA和APA引文格式有什么区别? 

教授 can provide you with the knowledge 和技能 necessary to succeed in your academic and professional 职业生涯s. 您可以通过LAVC的电子邮件联系您的教练, 你可以使用LAVC网站上的目录链接找到吗.  You can also find their preferred contact information through the course syllabus. 教学大纲还将提供有关教师办公时间的信息, which are times outside of class specifically designated for meeting with students. Office hours sometimes referred to as faculty drop-in hours are a great place to ask questions and build professional relationships with faculty members.  了解你的教授是很重要的, especially in your 主要 because they can provide valuable 职业生涯 and/or transfer advice and may be able to provide references/letters of recommendation when you need them. 




  • 你能澄清一下这个任务吗?  

  • 我怎样才能最好地准备你的考试? 

  • What 策略 do you recommend for reading the materials/texts in your class?  

  • 我在哪里可以得到辅导和/或补充指导? 

  • 你最好的学生都有哪些共同的习惯? 

  • 你为什么决定主修这个领域? 

Student 成功的教练 are available to help you adjust to all aspects of college 包括 how to do well in your classes, 如何连接到俱乐部和其他交朋友的机会, 以及如何找到学校和生活的平衡.  We are your advocates and partners here to help you navigate college successfully and can connect you to a wide range of support and resources both on and off campus. We will reach out by email to introduce ourselves, so be sure to check your LACCD email regularly.   

  • 我可以去哪里寻求_______________的帮助? 

  • 我如何浏览Canvas或我的学生电子邮件? 

  • 我收到了LAVC发来的邮件. 这是什么意思?? 

  • 我如何选择适合我的教授?  

  • I am struggling with balancing school, work, and other responsibilities, what advice do you have? 

  • 我正在经历食物和/或住房不安全.  我可以向谁寻求帮助?   

  • 我要去看心理咨询师.  What should I do to prepare before I go so I get the most out of my appointment? 

辅导 is a powerful tool that all students should take advant年龄 of, 无论他们是否在课堂上挣扎. Tutors are LAVC students who can help you in a wide range of subjects and can also model the techniques, 策略, 以及成功的学习者用来获取新知识的信念, 解决问题, 完成学术任务. In short, tutors help LAVC students develop the skills they’ll need to do their work independently. 

We offer tutoring and academic support in a wide variety of subjects as well as provide resources like study rooms, 笔记本电脑/书使用, 以及教学讲义.  

Visit the 学术资源中心  (ARC) website to connect with a tutor in person or online! 


  • 你做了哪些事情使你在课程中取得成功? 

  • Is there anything I can do before I ask for tutoring to help my session be productive?  

  • As a student, do you have any general advice on being a student here at LAVC? 

  • What are some outside resources and/or tips I can use to help me prepare for an exam? 


The 商业、企业家精神和法律 CAP is a dynamic and engaging pathway with opportunities to build your network and community.  

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商务俱乐部:联系方式 Kendrick Kim, kimkk@shelleyshanks.com和Brandi Payne, paynebn@shelleyshanks.com


研究范围 转移程度 学位 证书 技能证书 额外的需求
21世纪就业技能-高级 C
21世纪的基本就业技能 C
21世纪就业技能-基本/中级 C
21世纪就业技能-中级 C
21世纪就业技能-中级/高级 C
会计 AA C
银行及金融 AA C
工商管理 当t
工商管理2.0 当t
业务要素 C
企业管理 C
行政助理 AA C
计算机应用专家 AA C
CAOT:办公室助理 C
电脑记账 C
经济学 AA-T AA
保险 C
管理 AA
市场营销 AA C
哲学 AA-T AA
政治科学 AA-T AA
物业管理 C
房地产 AA C
零售管理 C
职场成功 C