LAVC Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) at Los Angeles Valley College offers dedicated staff and counseling faculty to assist 退伍军人 and military affiliated students (active duty, 预备役人员, and dependents) with resources and referrals to support academic and career goals. 
The VRC also assists with initiating and maintaining eligibility for VA educational benefits and processing certification. 

The Veterans Resource Center Fall 2023 Office Hours:

*starting August 28 to December 17
  • Monday to Thursday 9:00AM to 5:00PM 
  • Friday 8:30AM to 1:00PM


To contact the Veterans Resource Center:

Live Chat: Click here to speak with an available staff member- VRC员工

电子邮件: 退伍军人

电话:(818)778 - 5627

To schedule a counseling appointment:

点击这里, VRC 咨询 Appointments


In an effort to help connect students with local resources during this time, LAVC has complied a list of resources that are available in the surrounding area. Please use this link for more information-

基本需要及资源 (link)

The 退伍军人服务 Office at 皇冠官网网站 is committed to the success of active duty service members, 退伍军人, 以及他们的家人. The Veterans Resource Center is the one-stop shop for students to receive assistance with academic and career planning, access to veteran specific resources, and information related to their educational benefits.

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  • New Student Veterans Orientation - Weds.9月27日


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Office Hours and Location

Fall 2023 Office Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am - 5pm

地点: 学生服务 Center (SSC), 2nd Floor in the 马赛克中心


电子邮件: 退伍军人
电话: (818) 778-5627