LAVC Administration welcomes you to our campus

We are delighted that you are part of our Monarch family. Our administration is committed to helping you successful achieve your academic and vocational goals. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you pursue your academic ambitions.

总统办公室     学生服务    

学术事务     Administrative 服务

College Administration



  • Dr. Matthew Jordan, Vice 总统, 学术事务
  • Florentino Manzano, Vice 总统, 学生服务
  • Sarah Song, Vice 总统, Administrative 服务


  • Vacant, Associate Vice 总统, Administrative 服务


  • Dr. Jennifer Cole, Dean, 学术事务
  • Dr. Deborah diCesare, Dean, 学术事务
  • Dr. Carmen Cortez Dominguez, Dean, 学术事务
  • Michelle Fowles, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Brandon Hildreth, Dean, 学术事务
  • Dr. Laurie Nalepa, Dean, 学术事务
  • Dr. Elizabeth Negrete, Dean, Student Life
  • Dr. Sherri Rodriguez, Dean, 特殊的程序
  • Vacant, Dean, Student Success & 支持服务


  • Dr. Cecilia Cruz, Acting Associate Dean, 学生服务
  • Vacant, Associate Dean, 学生服务
  • Stephanie Schlatter, Acting Associate Dean, 服务 for Students with Disabilities (SSD)


  • 汤姆·阿杜沃,特种部队指挥官
  • Jennifer Fong Borucki, Man年龄r, College Public Relations
  • Vernon Bridges, Man年龄r, 金融援助
  • Ashley Dunn, Registrar
  • Matt Durkan, Executive Director, LAVC Foundation
  • Debra Erickson, Man年龄r, Community 服务
  • Mary John, Man年龄r, College Store
  • Tom Lopez, Acting Director, College 设施
  • Robert Medina, College Fiscal Administrator
  • Jeanne Owens, Professional Development Coordinator